Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back Out West

Because my car is still out of commission i didn't get to go back home for Christmas, but I still spent a fantastic Christmas and New Years with my relatives in Toowoomba.  But now I am back out in the bush and starting work again tomorrow, and I just can't wait to see the kids again. I'm all set up with some new strategies to help the kids manage themselves better, and start making better choices. Which will help all of us have more fun every day.

It is finally starting to get hot out here, looking towards 35+ for the next week at least and hasn't rained too much over the last two weeks but this is kinda irrelevant now since I don't have a car to worry about getting around in!! 

I've spoken to the mechanic and they have done everything they can now, it needs a new engine, which they are pricing and then waiting on the insurance... Argh! Taking so long to get organised!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Drowning a Car 101.


On Thursday night I got into some trouble.  

Then it started raining while I was at work, just a little bit, but then it really started to rain.  It poured and poured.  I left work as usual at 6 ready for a tricky drive back to the cottage.
The M's driveway was mostly a continuous puddle, but I made it through and managed not to get bogged, now I had thought that this would be the hardest part of the trip, but I was so so so wrong.
I drove down the road so slowly, I was practically creeping along cause I really didn't want to get stuck.  I went through a fair few patches of water over the road and then I came across one that was flowing.
It was probably 30 meters across, and the first half was flowing quickly, rushing down the creek and across the road and under the fence on the other side.

Now here is where I probably should have stopped, gotten out of the car, waded in and checked the depth, but being desperate to get home, and like a total moron, I just slowed to a crawl and started in.  The crossing was going okay until on the way out I got bogged and revved the engine to try and get out.
I felt the wheels slip and the care slid back and then the engine stalled, and that was it for her.  

So there I am stuck in the water, not able to see if I can even open the door cause the water might get in, window down leaning all the way out. 
Now I knew that Mrs. M was on her way back from town so that there would be someone coming along soon, but those 45mins waiting in the car were awful, listening to the steady beat as the water went under and through the metal hanging under the fence. Beating out the rhythm of my stupidity. "idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot....."

When Mrs. M finally came along, me sitting out of the car window I shouted to her what had happened, and she radioed for help from the P's.  
When help arrived, Mr.P, B (their worker) and J the other nanny got out of the car half way pissed having had a few at the end of the day, but I said, "I would rather inebriated help to no help at all any day!!" 

After towing the Escape out of the water, the men opened her up to have a look, but it was for nothing, she still wouldn't start, so Jane took the wheel (cause I was way to scared to) and we were towed behind the ute all the way down the road and up the P's driveway that was like driving on ice.  
We were going sideways, and the ute nearly got bogged as well, but we made it back in one piece, and in time for some roast pork and drinks.

But the Escape, well she still won't start and a tow truck is organised to take her to Dalby to be looked at luckily before Christmas.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the whole engine doesn't need to be replaced.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Made it Back...

Well I made it back to the cottage at last.

Last night I went to have an amazing roast pork dinner with J (the other nanny) and the P's who own the cottage and who J works for. I got back early from the M's cause of the rain and Mr.M didn't want me to get stuck in the way back to the cottage. I didn't, but wow was it slippery!!!!

During the meal last night it started to rain again, and we decided that it would be better for J and I to stay at the house rather than try to get up to the cottage in the mud, a. We don't want to get bogged and b. they don't want their roads messed up, which is understandable.

So in the end I couldn't get to work today though the wet roads and we had to go up to the cottage on the 4 wheeler.
It would be great to be able to work a full day this week, or next. But it doesn't seem likely with all the rain that is happening at the moment.


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Start of the Rain

So here we are. I wonder how many times this will happen this summer. I couldnt get to work today as the M's driveway was to wet to even attempt, and it looks like there is more rain coming tonight and for the next week. How long I will be stuck up at the cottage for?
Yesterday afternoon I noticed the change in the colours, on the drive up to the cottage the dirt road is bright red, almost shining in contrast to the green of the grass alongside, as you drive up the hill, the grass dims to a light brown overlaying the green where the cattle have yet to graze, that is where the dirt of the road changes to tan, it is as if the light and colour has seeped down the hill and into the ground there.
The rain beats a steady rhythm on the roof, and little streams run down the yard and onto the road, on the up side, maybe some of the dirt will be washed off my car...

Monday, 28 November 2011

First Impressions

So I finally arrived 6 hours inland from Brisbane, and 18 hours from Alexandra. Things are going okay, the drive up went fine, except for the last little bit which isn't a sealed road. The main road was fine it was the trip up the M's driveway that was the worst. Mr.M had said it was okay, and I thought I was going to die!! Having never done any off road driving so all I had to go off was things I had read and since I got through without getting bogged I suppose I did alright. My pretty car is COVERED in mud, (not that I hadn't expected this) and it is just hitting me that I will have to go back and forth on that driveway every day... I might have to leave a bag of things at the M's place just in case it rains a heap.
I spent today with Mrs.M and two of the three kids, baby G (12 months) and little A (3)we did a lot of baking ready for a baby shower tomorrow.
At the end of the day driving up to the cottage I share with another nanny I had a little cry and I doubted my ability to do this, living so far from people I know and care about, and coping with the isolation, having so little phone service... But I want to do this. I can do this.