Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back Out West

Because my car is still out of commission i didn't get to go back home for Christmas, but I still spent a fantastic Christmas and New Years with my relatives in Toowoomba.  But now I am back out in the bush and starting work again tomorrow, and I just can't wait to see the kids again. I'm all set up with some new strategies to help the kids manage themselves better, and start making better choices. Which will help all of us have more fun every day.

It is finally starting to get hot out here, looking towards 35+ for the next week at least and hasn't rained too much over the last two weeks but this is kinda irrelevant now since I don't have a car to worry about getting around in!! 

I've spoken to the mechanic and they have done everything they can now, it needs a new engine, which they are pricing and then waiting on the insurance... Argh! Taking so long to get organised!

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